Clinical Trial Documentation Management Area (AGDAC)


  • Manage and supervise all documentation associated with active clinical trials in the experimental phase and destruction of documentation for terminated clinical trials located in the external archive.
  • Store the supplies until the end of the studies, when they are destroyed or recycled.
  • Oversee and manage documentation of completed trials for the Centre for Drug Research (CIM)
  • Maintain and update the clinical workstation database and manage clinical studies.
  • Manage restricted access by clinical trial monitors to the clinical workstation.
  • Supervise data processing and management.
  • Coordinate researchers and monitors; draw up agendas for meetings and study monitoring.
  • Provide logistical support to the cold area and the clinical materials store associated with clinical trials in the experimental phase.
  • Ship biological samples to central laboratory services..


Several areas have been designated to implement these functions:

  • Head office and administration area.
  • Data processing and management area.
  • Clinical trial monitoring meeting rooms.
  • Documentation filing area.
  • Cold room.
  • Archive.
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