Molecular Neurodegeneration

Principal research lines

  • Development of fluid biomarkers of synapse degeneration in neurodegenerative diseases and neuropsychiatric disorders.
  • -omic approaches to understand the molecular basis of synapse degeneration in Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Pathway-based polygenic risk scores to elucidate the genetic factors underlying Alzheimer’s disease and use of in vitro cell-based assays to assess their function.

Principals Techniques/Expertise

  • Analysis of proteomic data (SRM/MRM/PRM, LFQ) by PCA, WGCNA, PathFindR, regressions and correlations.
  • Technical and clinical validation of antibodies and immunoassays in postmortem brain tissue (WB, IHC) and patient-derived biofluids (ELISA/SIMOA).
  • microRNAomics including miRNA panels and targeted assays.
  • Synaptosome fractionation from postmortem tissue and isolation of extracellular vesicles.
  • Massively parallel reporter assays (molecular cloning and in vitro assays).
  • Multimodal correlative analyses in clinical cohorts.
  • Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy analysis in postmortem tissue and patient-derived biofluids.
  • Pathway-based generation of polygenic risk scores.
  • nlme modeling of cognitive decline related to genetic risk factors.


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