Oncogenesis and Antitumour Drugs

Main Lines of Research

  • Development of novel animal models of disseminated disease in solid tumours and haematological neoplasms for the mechanistic study of metastases and preclinical drug development..
  • Identification of prognostic biomarkers in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma and their functional validation in vivo.
  • Development of nanoconjugates for targeted delivery of antitumour drugs or toxins to metastasis stem cells.


  • Obtain funding to ensure stable employment of senior researchers, attract postdoctoral fellows and reinforce current collaborations with clinicians.
  • Develop molecular markers for therapeutic decision-making in head and neck carcinomas.
  • Achieve antimetastatic effects by targeting antitumour drugs to metastasis stem cells in solid tumors and haematological neoplàsies.
  • Enhance international collaboration and participation in EU networks and industrial projects.
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