Plastic Surgery

Main lines of research

  • Application of imaging techniques to intraoperative studies of perforators with the aim to improve the design of flaps, evaluate the suitable and viability of perfusion avoiding secondary postoperative
    complications and vascular complications.
  • Anatomical studies of the variability of perforators in the following regions: internal mammary artery, inferior epigastric system and internal superficial circumflex system.
  • Study of the perioperative and postoperative factors that influence on the viability of the microsurgical free flaps.
  • Research by indocyanine green angiography of the concept of post-vascular balance post diseccional of perforator flap.
  • Research by indocyanine green angiography of the relationship between the different anatomical patterns of lymphatic vessels in the upper extremity and its readiness to develop lymphedema in the affected breast cancer patients.
  • Feasibility of the research in animal models of major surgical and nonsurgical techniques existing today to treat secondary lymphatic insufficiency: fat transplant autologous stem cells, stem cell transplantation autologous bone marrow, lymphatic-venous anastomosys flap free vascularised autologous lymph node.


  • Consolidate and optimize preoperative management techniques for locating perforating vessels suitable for each microsurgical flap.
  • Minimize intra- and postoperative complications in perforator flaps using new imaging techniques to visualize intraoperatively patterns of vascularisation of the flaps and vascular dominance.
  • Lymphedema prevention in those patients with mastectomy in which we perform searching procedures of sentinel node and / or axillaries lymph node dissections using new techniques of surgical treatment for this disease (lymphatic venous anastomosys, transfer of vascularised nodes.
  • Identification by indocyanine green angiography for those patients affected with breast cancer with a major risk of developing secondary lymphedema.
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