Transmissible Diseases

Main lines of research

Application of New Technologies to Tuberculosis Control

  • International diffusion of the new technologies.
  • Production of scientific knowledge of relevance on the control, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of tuberculosis (key role in Spain and South America).

Clinical Trials for Tuberculosis Prevention and Treatment

  • Our centre, which is the only such centre in Europe, is part of a network of international centres (in Canada, Brazil, South Africa and Uganda) associated with the Tuberculosis Trials Consortium of the CDCs, promoting international involvement in laying the therapeutic and strategic bases for the treatment of tuberculosis and tubercular infection.

Community Health Worker’s and Notifiable Disease Control

  • Community health worker’s role in the control of notifiable diseases.
  • The inclusion of community health workers in tuberculosis programme teams has led to the creation of new tuberculosis consensus protocols.


  • Prevent sexually transmitted infections and other transmissible diseases.
  • Evaluate HIV screening programmes in gay saunas.
  • Improve detection and research into causes of hepatitis C.
  • Improve detection and control measures of outbreaks.

Grup consolidat de l’Institut d’Investigació Biomèdica Sant Pau que pertany a


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